What To Do Before Renting Out Your Property

Home Rental Tips

REMA will do everything we can to help you rent your home, but here are a few things you can do to help ensure that your home will be rented quickly to qualified tenants:

  1. Make sure you really want to rent your property. This sounds easy enough, but renting your home to others can sometimes be a difficult decision, even if it’s an “investment-only” property. Handing over your property keys to someone else is surely a leap of faith. We understand the importance of this decision, and we promise to do our best to take care of your investment.
  2. Make sure your property is ready to rent. In today’s economic climate, you may find it difficult to rent out the home “as-is.” Be sure the home is thoroughly cleaned, that all scheduled maintenance inspections has been performed, and that any needed repairs are complete. Not only will this help rent your property, it will also help protect your investment, and it shows tenants that you care about the current condition of your property.
  3. Make a list of the “most appealing attributes.” This will help us market your property as effectively as possible and give us the necessary tools we need to ensure that your property stands out above the rest.


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Zillow.com: Beware of Overpaying for Home Features

Zillow.com’s latest blog post is an interesting find, describing how buyers and sellers view home features during the selling process.  While seller’s attempt to get the most out of their one-of-a-kind home garden or beautifully renovated kitchen design, buyers may just find these features to be extra work to maintain or nothing worth hiking up the home’s value.

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