Landlords: 3 Great Tips on Lease Clauses

Great advice on leases clauses.  I would add three points:

  1. Lease should contain written, signed move-in condition of the home.
  2. Update and edit your lease constantly.  Steal every good idea from articles, landlords, other leases, court cases.  Customize to match your judge’s thinking and local laws.
  3. Time spent orienting/training the new tenant makes managing easier and more profitable.  We do a “Lease Ceremony” – tell new tenant to allow an hour and get a sitter for the kids.  We review the lease highlights, they initial each critical clause, answer their questions, do a safety walk (breakers, shut offs, filters), handle monies, give keys, and take their picture while happy in a clean home.



Let REMA Handle Your Real Estate Investment!

Let REMA Handle Your Real Estate Investment!

Realtors, have REMA handle your real estate investments today! With a certified and professional management team, REMA has the highest quality services to make your next investment a huge success!


Does It Pay to Save Old Tenant Improvements?

Yahoo! Finance posted a great article on tenant improvements to properties and whether they are beneficial or a downfall to making your next sale.  What do you think? Can tenant renovations benefit your next rental opportunity or is it a potential pitfall? 

Comment below and let us know your opinion on this topic.



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7 Tips For Finding the Right Tenant

Read these 7 tips and share them with friends, family, colleagues or anyone in the real estate industry! This can be the key to getting the right tenant through the door!


1.  Hire the right property management team: Real Estate Management Advisors is the way to go!

2.  Keep in touch with the market rents: Make sure you aren’t under/over renting your property

3.  Treat your renters well: It will encourage them to stay AND they might refer others to you

4.  Neutral decor: Just keep it simple

5.  Landlord and Tenant laws: Know them! Keep up-to-date with current laws regarding tenancies and your rights as a Landlord

6.  Landlord and public liability insurance: Always, always, always insure your property for protection against lawsuits, etc.

7.  Have all agreements in writingIt is the law.  And it avoids any misunderstandings from both parties. 

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