What To Do Before Renting Out Your Property

Home Rental Tips

REMA will do everything we can to help you rent your home, but here are a few things you can do to help ensure that your home will be rented quickly to qualified tenants:

  1. Make sure you really want to rent your property. This sounds easy enough, but renting your home to others can sometimes be a difficult decision, even if it’s an “investment-only” property. Handing over your property keys to someone else is surely a leap of faith. We understand the importance of this decision, and we promise to do our best to take care of your investment.
  2. Make sure your property is ready to rent. In today’s economic climate, you may find it difficult to rent out the home “as-is.” Be sure the home is thoroughly cleaned, that all scheduled maintenance inspections has been performed, and that any needed repairs are complete. Not only will this help rent your property, it will also help protect your investment, and it shows tenants that you care about the current condition of your property.
  3. Make a list of the “most appealing attributes.” This will help us market your property as effectively as possible and give us the necessary tools we need to ensure that your property stands out above the rest.


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Spruce Up Your Properties For The Big Moving Season

Spruce Up Your Properties For The Big Moving Season

Posted on 22. May, 2013 by Marc Courtenay in Business

As we all know it won’t be long until school is out and summer arrives. That is traditionally the beginning of the time that owners and renters are more likely to move to new locations. It’s also the time when the vacancy rate can fluctuate and the turnover rate increases. Whether your owner-clients are thinking about selling, raising the rent or just want to fill the vacancies faster, a spring makeover can be a big help. Here are a few simple ideas that can help bring the buyers and the new residents in droves.

First do all that you can to improve the buildings’ “curb appeal.” It doesn’t matter if it’s a house or a multi-family complex, the first impression that a potential buyer or renter receives when they drive by or up to the building can make a huge difference. If that first impression doesn’t say, “You or your potential residents are going to love living here” then get the help of some exterior consultants who can give you ideas. Planting lots of flowering plants, repainting the doors a universally popular color or small touches like quality front door mats can help.

The use of window boxes filled with geraniums, pansies and primroses can give that warm and “homey” look to an older building or house. Painting the front porch, trimming the trees and generally improving the landscaping can work wonders. Instead of spending a lot of money to paint the house or complex try pressure-washing it to see if that will be enough to freshen it up. Clear away any debris, trash and unsightly objects that send the wrong message. Replace damaged or warped screens on windows and make sure those windows are clean!

Patio furniture, play areas, awnings and shutters should also look clean, neatly arranged and well-maintained. Send the message to potential buyers and renters that you take pride in your buildings and you want your residents to enjoy a positive “quality of life” experience. If your houses or apartments are older consult with a company that specializes in renovating without losing the valuable architectural features and elements. It may be worth it to spend the money to remove and replace poorly insulated windows and doors, even if you have to take out a loan to do so.

Interest rates are the lowest in history and home improvement or equity loan money is more available. Now may also be a good time to clean or replace badly-stained carpets and railings. The goal is to take a building that may look old, moldy or dilapidated and to make it look inviting and qualitative. “Staging” is another good idea and there are realtors who are experts at doing just that. It can include some inexpensive but nice-looking patio furniture or updating the light fixtures inside the residences. If you get some second opinions from people who’ve had success at this you’re bound to experience more success yourself. You’ll also attract better prospective owners or renters, and that’s important too.


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Two Complimentary Tickets to This Weekend's Fort Lauderdale Home Design & Remodeling Show

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Check Out Some of the Services REMA Has to Offer!

Check Out Some of the Services REMA Has to Offer!

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