7 Tips For Finding the Right Tenant

Read these 7 tips and share them with friends, family, colleagues or anyone in the real estate industry! This can be the key to getting the right tenant through the door!


1.  Hire the right property management team: Real Estate Management Advisors is the way to go!

2.  Keep in touch with the market rents: Make sure you aren’t under/over renting your property

3.  Treat your renters well: It will encourage them to stay AND they might refer others to you

4.  Neutral decor: Just keep it simple

5.  Landlord and Tenant laws: Know them! Keep up-to-date with current laws regarding tenancies and your rights as a Landlord

6.  Landlord and public liability insurance: Always, always, always insure your property for protection against lawsuits, etc.

7.  Have all agreements in writingIt is the law.  And it avoids any misunderstandings from both parties. 

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